The Kaiserreich Wiki

Am I allowed to make submods of Kaiserreich?

Absolutely! As modders ourselves we are more than happy for you to take our work, modify it and publish it.

Are there any restrictions in what I can do?

As long as you follow the normal usage policy you are all good.

Do you provide any support to submods?

While we are happy to help where we can and try and be as useful as possible when asked questions, we can't offer any official support.

Can I share my submod on the discord/reddit/wherever?

Yes, you are more than welcome to.

Can you advertise my mod in any way?

No, the opens up too many issues with things like favouritism for us to do.

Do you take ideas from sub mods?

Sometimes, yes, but only rarely, don't make a submod with that as your goal.

Do you ever integrate submods?

Only in exceptionally rare (less than one a year) circumstance and with permission from the authors.

Why not? There are some really good submods out there!

You are right there are some really good submods out there, so we do see how at first glance it seems like a great idea, but it is never as simple as just adding the coding into the main mod.

While the work done to integrate and having creative control of the mod are part of the story, there are two other, often overlooked, reasons we don't integrate submods.

First, we worry about sending a message that integration is something that can happen and something to aim for. This can lead to people creating submods not to be good, but to appeal to us. This both hurts the submod community, but also leads to people asking us to check out mod X or mod Y, which we don't always have the time to do.

Second, maintenance of the content. Making say, a single focus tree, is easy, keeping it up to date and bug free for months or years is the hard part. If we integrate a submod, who will maintain it? Either an existing team member, who doesn't know the tree very well, or we are forced to bring in the author which means skipping our normal recruitment channels, undermining them and also skipping the checks they provide.