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Kingdom of Poland
Flag of the Kingdom of Poland
Full Name Królestwo Polskie

(Kingdom of Poland)

Common Name Poland
Anthem Boże, coś Polskę

(God save Poland)

Official Languages Polish
Capital Warsaw
Government Structure Parliamentary Monarchy
Head of State Janusz Radziwiłł and the Polish Regency Council
Head of Government Zdzisław Lubomirski
Currency Polish Mark
Established 1916
Area (core territory) More than 100.000 km²
Population (core territory) around 12 million

Poland, officially the Kingdom of Poland, is a country in Central Europe. It borders Germany to the west, Lithuania to the north, Belorussia to the east and Galicia-Lodomeria (part of Austria-Hungary) to the south.


For more than a century before the end of the Weltkrieg, there had been no Polish country. What had once been Poland had been carved up and partitioned between Prussia, Austria, and Russia in 1795. Despite persistent uprisings throughout the 19th century, the foreign powers maintained their hold on the Polish lands.

Polish fortunes appeared to change with the Act of November 5th, 1916, when the Polish lands occupied by the German Empire were granted autonomy from the collapsing Russian Empire. This success, however, came at a price. The Germans made a concerted effort to colonize a portion of their land known as the Polish Frontier Strip.

Meanwhile, the election of a new King of Poland has been fraught with difficulty. Janusz Radziwiłł and the Regency Council has been unable to form a consensus on who exactly should be elected. Complicating matters, both Germany and Austria have involved themselves in the debate as whoever is elected could tie Poland to either country's royal house, the Hohenzollerns or the Hapsburgs. With no clear end in sight, Poland's "Eternal Regency" is set to continue.


Head of State: Regent Janusz Radziwill

Head of Government: Zdzislaw Lubomirski

Foreign Minister: Archbishop A. Kakowski

Minister of Armament: Waclaw Paszkowski

Minister of Security: Stanislaw Bukowiecki

Head of Military Intelligence: Marian Rejewski

Chief of Staff: Wladyslaw Sikorski

Chief of Army: Wladyslaw Sikorski

Chief of Air Force: Ludomil Rayski

Possible leaders

Gabriel Narutowicz

Ignacy Jan Paderewski

Stanislaw Wojciechowski

Mieczyslaw Michalowicz

Eustachy Sapieha

Rosa Luxemburg

Feliks Dzierzynski

Karol Radek

Jakub Hanceki

Roman Dmowski

Adam Doboszski

Tadeusz Bielecki

Regency Council

The Sejm

Wladyslaw Sikorski

Augusty I Czartoryski

Friedrich Christian von Wettin

Mindaugas III

Olbracht von Habsburg



Even if Poland is a small country, the Polish Army is quite large. However, it is poorly trained and equipped and is composed exclusively of infantry, with the exception of an outdated cavalry division.

Air Force

The Polish air force is composed of two squadrons of interceptors and one of the tactical bombers.

Foreign Relations

Very good relations with Germany. Poland also grants military access to Germany.

Friendly relations with Galicia-LodomieraUnited Baltic DuchyLithuania and White Ruthenia.

Unfriendly relations with Hungary and Russia.