The Kaiserreich Wiki

As with many things in life, we have rules that need to be followed. We've tried to make them as easy to read as possible, but if you have any questions or don't understand a rule, feel free to contact a member of our staff.


The Golden Rule & Basic Decency

We ask that all our users follow the "Golden Rule", and act with basic decency. This means treating others the way you expect to be treated, treating this space as you would expect your own to be treated, and avoiding rude or belligerent behavior when communicating with others. Racism, sexism, transphobia and other flavors of bigotry have no place on this site, and will be met with a block.


This is not a space for political debate, be it historical, alt-historical, or present. If you want to discuss politics within the Kaiserreich setting, please visit our Discord or Subreddit, which have their own sets of rules and dedicated moderation.

Alternate Accounts

All the accounts a user controls will be treated as the same person. In short, registering another user name does not allow someone to create a new identity for themselves: it won't allow a user to circumvent warnings or a block. An alternate account used to circumvent these rules, or used in any malicious manner, will lead to an automatic and permanent block from this wiki.


Our staff are subject to the same rules as everyone else, but are held to an even higher standard. Members of staff should avoid sharing information that compromises users' privacy, creates unnecessary conflict, or spoils future wiki projects that require discretion. They are also expected to use any additional powers given, such as page deletion, fairly and responsibly. Staff should never issue warnings or blocks for mere disagreements.



This wiki is meant as a repository for all canonical Kaiserreich lore and information. Because our canon ends on January 1st 1936 that means everything after this date, no matter its frequency of appearance in-game, is non-canonical and does not belong here. Every article must be written as if it were published on that date, and without references to later real-world events, with the sole exception of "Path Pages". Further details can be found in our style guide.

Similarly, this is not a space for fan-fiction, and all contributions should reflect Kaiserreich's in-game content, or supplemental information released by the development team in a Progress Report, Minor Monday, other official publication, or developer comment. Content in-game always takes precedence over other sources of information. If you are unsure whether something is canonical, please contact the wiki staff or visit our Discord's "#Ask_a_dev" channel.


Vandalism is editing in an intentionally disruptive or malicious manner. This includes any addition, removal, or modification that is humorous, nonsensical, intentionally false, pornographic, or degrading in any way. In most cases vandalism will be dealt with harshly, but first-time unintentional vandalism, like the addition of non-canonical information, will receive only a written warning.

Edit Warring

Edit warring is where two users repeatedly overwrite one another's content in whole or in part, usually out of personal disagreement. If an edit war is seen as having occurred, usually after three or more cross-edits, warnings or blocks will be issued accordingly. If you are ever unsure about something you intend to add please consult a member of staff.



Written warnings should always be given before resorting to a block, issued on the user's message wall, unless the severity of the rule break demands coarser action. We will usually issue three warnings before a block, but this may vary by the severity of the offense. Over time, depending on the severity of warnings, a user's slate may be considered wiped clean, but only if they go at least 6 months with no further rule breaks.


Blocking, sometimes called banning, is the means by which we prevent a user account from editing here on the Kaiserreich Wiki. Blocks are preventive rather than punitive measures used to prevent damage by dealing with vandalism and enforcing wiki rules. Block durations may vary, depending on the severity and longevity of rules broken.

If you are permanently banned from our official discord or subreddit, we may also block you here out of due caution.

Staff Discretion

Wiki staff and other moderators reserve total discretion in determining whether something is in violation of our "Golden Rule & Basic Decency" rule. This also extends to the number of warnings given before a block, as well as the length of any blocks given. They may be appealed on the Wiki Administrator's message wall.

Fandom Terms of Use

These rules sit on top of Fandom's terms of use, as outlined here.