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When will the next patch come out?
We aim for one big release every three months, and of course hotfixes wherever needed.

I want to do testing/art/music/coding for KR, where can I sign up?
Wonderful! Details can be found here: Recruitment

Update X broke my saves!
That isn't a question, but if you are having issues, try loading the save, saving again straight away without un-pausing, then reloading using that new save. Not using ironman can also sometimes also help. If all else fails, remember past versions are available for download on the KR4 forums here.

Are there any official sub-mods for KR4?
Yep, you can see the official collection here.

Is any DLC required?

Where do I report bugs?
Here: Bug Reports

Where do I give suggestions?
Also here: Bug Reports

Why can't I puppet/change governments in peace conferences?
All puppeting is handled by events.

I have a question about the lore, is there a timeline?
You bet: Timeline of World History since 1914

Is there any why to get the audio files out of the music mod?
1) Go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\394360\1360299796 (numbers may vary, if you get stuck in this section, get to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\ and look for they keyword "Kaiserreich Music")
2) Copy the "Kaiserreich Music" .zip file to another folder
3) Extract that .zip file in that folder
4) Convert the extracted files from .ogg to .mp3 or your preferred format, it will require a separate file converter
5) Enjoy your new songs