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Pre-Weltkrieg postcard from 1907.

The Entente symbolizes the last remnants of allied nations opposed to the German Empire and the Central Powers during the Weltkrieg. With the Syndicalist revolutions in their home countries, the Entente is comprised primarily of the British and French governments-in-exile based in their far-flung colonies. Portugal, while nominally a member, still has to renew its formal treaties with Great Britain, and enjoys excellent relations with the Entente as a whole.

Current Members

- Third French Republic (since 1904, founding member)

- British Empire (since 1904, founding member)

- Kingdom of Portugal (since 1916, only a nominal member)

- Kingdom of Sardinia (de jure since 1915 as the Kingdom of Italy, de facto since 1926)

Former Members

- Russia (1907-1917)

- Kingdom of Serbia (1914-1918)

- Kingdom of Belgium (1914-1919)

- Empire of Japan (1914-1919)

- Kingdom of Montenegro (1914-1918)

- Kingdom of Romania (1916-1918)

- Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz (1917-1920)

- Kingdom of Greece (1917-1918)