Aleksandr Kolchak

Full Name Aleksandr Vasilyevich Kolchak
Titles President of the Provisional All-Russian Government (1919 - 1921)

Minister of Defense - Russian Republic (1921 - 1924)

President of the Provisional Russian Government

President of Transamur

(1924 - )

Born 16 November 1874 in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire (age 61)
Status Alive
Allegiance Flag-TRM Transamur

Admiral Aleksandr V. Kolchak (born 16 November 1874) was the former supreme military commander of all White Russian forces during the Russian Civil War and head of the Provisional All-Russian Government immediately afterward, before fleeing to Siberia following a failed coup in 1924. Kolchak is currently the president of the Japanese-backed Transamur Republic, harboring ambitions of returning to Petrograd and assuming his role as "Supreme Ruler of All Russia".

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